Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Turkey Day outfits!

* Edit- Whoops! I put these links on last night and had to edit my html to rearrange pictures and they must have gotten deleted. I wanted to share with you two of my blogger friends etsy stores. One of my fellow coaches wives, Mom has a new etsy store... bcreativedesigns. She has some cute outfits that are very reasonably priced. Also, Leslie has a new store with some super cute hair clips and flower hair clips on beanies. Check them out!
Oh' my! Are these Thanksgiving outfits from sweetplume on Etsy not the cutest ever! This one is pricey and out of my budget, but... this one is on sale and Morgan and Kennedy could both wear it (hand me downs) is what I'm thinking! Ha!

I think this is precious too! It's from AmybugsOriginalStyle on Etsy! I couldn't get the hyperlink to work!

This bow is precious and only $3.50! Click on picture to get to store!

And if you are into bigger bows, this one is soooo cute! Click on picture to get to store!


  1. Isn't Sweetplumes the best? I like your idea of both girls wearing!

    And how adorable is that huge turkey hair clip?

  2. I use the both girls thing ALL THE TIME - my credit cards still do not appreciate it! I keep sending pictures to my Mom of all your stuff - she just retired this year and is great at sewing - I keep hopeing she decides that will be her new hobby - but so far no luck!

  3. Too bad for me...Jolea hasnt worn a bow or kept a clippy in for at least a year now...it makes me sad. I think your sis is taking our family pics this weekend and I might try to sneak two small clippy's with each pigtail...so wish me luck!

  4. Okay...so I agree...JK definitely is gonna need an outfit or two from sweetplume without a doubt! I've got several saved in my favorites on etsy, but am trying to hold off buying until she is closer to that age, and season! :) Cute cute stuff!

  5. Oh so glad I found your blog! Cute cute stuff! I'm such a sucker for bows, my daughters collection is out. of. control!

  6. Oh my goodness!!! These things are to die for!!! I LOVE LOVE etsy! I just opened my etsy shop this week too! You're welcome to check it out at http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=8141599
    I shop etsy all the time! :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi Whitney,
    Just wandered over to your blog from Annie's. I love these turkey-day outfits and could not leave without commenting on how cute they are! Hmmm, wonder if I could convince Allie Claire's daddy that she needs one (: