Monday, October 26, 2009

Appliqued shirts!

I love the appliqued shirts from this Etsy store, Modernfrills! How cute would it be to have a pair of pants made out of the fabrics that match the shirts! I have located the pumpkin fabric. It's called sweet potatoe orange damask for you seamstresses! Perfect for Thanksgiving! A lot of these fabrics look like Amy Butler fabrics to me! I love AB fabrics!
For Fall...

For Christmas...

For Birthdays...

For Halloween...

There are many more!


  1. I ADORE Amy Butler. Did you know she has an awesome line of bedding now at Bed Bath and Beyond? It's so super cute and you don't have to sew it all yourself!!

    Cute store! Love the Christmas tree shirt!

  2. I LOVE those shirts!! Too cute!

  3. so cute - I have just bought stuff to do a turky one for the girls - and I have so much a pumpkin one would be great too - thanks so much!! I like how they all look on dark shirts too - I was worried about that and so I bought white - but now I know I can do them on dark too. I will let you know how they go. I am just finishing up making the girls halloween skirts - my first time making them anything - and I think they turned out cute - especially since I didn't do it from a pattern.