Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'll take one of each please!

* I think if you do a search for sweetplume you can find the seller. For some reason I am not able to copy and paste the url onto my blog.
Found my cord... Kennedy's bib....
I love these peasant tops and ruffle pants from Sweet Plume on Etsy! So cute!

And this dress from Sweet Plume ADORABLE!
I just had this bib made from bloomingbabies on etsy in purple with ACU and Kennedy! I got it today and it's so cute, but Kennedy had my camera cord earlier today and I can't find it! :)

I love this from Palm Tree Princess

and this too!

And if you love to sew, you can find a pattern and make similar outfits for cheaper! Mom, are you ready to sew? :)


  1. You sound like me! Except mom bought me a sewing machine and now I feel obligated to use it every blue moon!

  2. Oh my...I'm checking it all out! Etsy, here I come! :)

  3. So cute!!! I have to get an ACU bib for our little miss! My husband and sister in law both went to ACU:)