Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some of my RELIABLE favorites on e-bay and etsy

I have bought almost 300 items on e-bay and never had a problem and used pay pal even more than that, but I recently had my first problem! Do you remember the cute football overalls I ordered for my girls? I never recieved them. I waited patiently, contacted the seller, and finally filed a non-received item with pay pal. Unfortunately, pay pal ruled in my favor, but was not able to retrieve the money from the seller's account. I have a feeling she closed it! My bank did give me credit when I called them though, so that was good.
I always check seller's ratings, but there are always exceptions I guess. With that being said, I did want to share a few of the places that I have bought from repeatedly and have been extremely pleased with.

JBows... I have bought almost all of my girls bows from here (since we moved from Wichita Falls and I can't go to Morath Originals)! I love how they are layered and funky! They are also stiff and hold up well! Here's my latest purchase from JBows on E-bay... a halloween bow to match this Halloween outfit from Target (don't you love Target's $4 a piece sets).

I ordered the large bow for Morgan a a set of pig tail toddler bows that are the same but about 3" wide instead of 4-5". Kennedy probably won't be able to wear pig tails this year, but next year she will!

ButterflyGems on Etsy... I have also bought Morgan some little bracelets and necklaces from ButterflyGems and recently bought her this bracelet to go with the outfit from Target as well. I have been very pleased with them!


  1. I stumbled across your blog through Meredith P. Your girls are adorable!! I saw that you mentioned a bow store in Wichita Falls....my hubby is AF and we are about to move up there. Any good stores you could share with me?

  2. Thanks! We will have to check those out! I was pretty impressed with the mall as well for the size of the town. We bought a house in Burkburnett. We heard really great things about Burk schools and West Foundation. Jackson will start Kindergarten next year, so I hope we will be pleased! Thanks again for sharing!!

  3. Whitney,

    I just wanted to let you know that my favorite etsy store (which I have mentioned a ton of times before..lol) is having a sell this week. It started yesterday and she is selling her apron/knot dresses from 25-30.00. She has also listed a couple of matching sister dresses so I thought I would let you know! They sell out really quick so check it out if you can!


  4. such cute stuff - I love halloween - I already bought Target out of all their styles! And lucky me a few of the girls things from last year will still fit! I love the bracelets!